Get started with SolidPod X1C (SP-X1C)

This guide illustrates various components of SolidPod X1C and guides you through the installation process.

**In the box**


**Components and features**


**Recommended SSDs**

  1. Samsung 860 EVO mSATA
  2. Samsung T5

We have __an article__ on how to use Samsung T5 with SolidPod

**Step 1** Remove the card door hook

Open the memory card door and locate the two screws that secure the locking hook.

Remove the screws carefully. We need to use it in a later step.


Remove the metal hook and keep it in a safe place, in case you ever want to swap back to the original configuration.


Be careful not to remove the brass spacer.


**Step 2** Install the new card door hook

Locate the card door locking hook that comes with SolidPod X1C, install it onto the card door.


While tightening the screw, push the hook horizontally toward the outer edge of the card door (very crucial).


**Step 3** Install the card door adapter

Prepare the card door adapter, install it onto the card door.

There is a slot on the inner curve of the card door adapter, insert the slot over the edge of the card door.



Close the card door, pull the door with your hand with a generous amount of force, but not too hard.

If the door remains locked securely, you can skip to the next step. If the door pops open, push the hook toward the outer edge of the door, bend it very slightly. Test if the lock is secure and keeps trying until you get a perfect lock. If done right, the door should stay locked even when you try to pull it open with your hand. (Only some camera requires this step as every camera is different)


Now you have successfully installed the card door adapter. It should look like this when closed.


**Step 4** Install the X1C

Prepare your SolidPod and mount it onto the hot shoe of your camera.


Put the card adapter of the SolidPod into the CFast card slot of the camera.


Prepare the card adapter spacer (a black foam with an adhesive backing, two included in the package.)


Remove the yellow or white backing to expose the adhesive, stick it onto the longer edge of the backside of the card adapter (where the cable came out). The card adapter spacer will prevent the card to become loss from pulling the cable accidentally.


Run the cable through the slot of the card door adapter


Close the memory card door.


**Step 5** Cable Routing

You might notice that the cable is in the way right after we installed X1C, that's why we need to route it correctly.

An easy way is to use a piece of gaffer tape to hold the cable under the viewfinder.


If you want more control, wrap the cable around the viewfinder and hold it down with gaffer tapes.

It will get everything out of the way.

**Step 6** Install SSD

Use included screws to install mSATA SSD drive onto a Quick-Swap SSD Mount.


Insert the SSD mount into SolidPod.

**Step 7** Initialization

Make sure to format the SSD in the camera before first use!


**Common Q&A**

Q: How to temporarily switch to a CFast card without switch the card door hook?

A: Insert the CFast card and close the card door with the rubber adapter installed.

Q: The door won't stay closed with the new hook installed (i.e., it pops open immediately or with slight force)

A: First, make sure when you were installing the hook, you have pushed the hook outward while tightening the screw. If you did that, try to bend the hook toward this direction, so it deforms just a bit, but not too hard. Keep trying until you get a perfect lock. If done right, the door should stay locked even when you try to pull it open with your hand.

Q: The camera shows no card

A: Check if the card adapter is fully inserted, and the spacing foam is attached. Make sure the mSATA drive is fully inserted and undamaged. Initialize the SSD in the camera before use.

If any of the problems persist or you have encountered issues that are not listed, please contact NKI support, and we will be there to help you.

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