NKI 512GB Kinetic Plus CFexpress Firmware Update V1.1 for Windows

**Supported** Card Reader:
  • NKI CFexpress Card Reader (Coming Soon)
  • PCI Express CFexpress Card Reader (Example: Ableconn PEX-CF106)
  • Thunderbolt CFexpress Card Reader (Example: ProGrade Thunderbolt)
  • USB CFexpress Card Reader with JMS583 Chipset
**Unsupported** Card Reader:
  • USB Card Reader with RTL9210 Chipset (Sony)
  • USB Card Reader with ASM2362 Chipset (ProGrade, Angelbird, and most genetic readers)

If you are unable to upgrade the firmware yourself, we can upgrade it for you. Please get in touch with us. You can ship your memory card back to update for free. This service is free of charge for customers located in the United States and Canada.

Update tool for **Windows**:

**Update Tutorial**

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